Fertility Clinic Serving Roanoke, VA

fertility clinic serving Roanoke

Fertility Clinic Serving Roanoke, VA

Virginia Fertility & IVF is a world-class fertility center just a short distance from Roanoke, VA and well worth the drive.

*Ask about special discounts for patients visiting us from the Roanoke Valley.

Serving Roanoke for over 30 years

Virginia Fertility & IVF is proud of our standing as the most successful fertility clinic in the region. We have been providing comprehensive fertility care to the Roanoke region for over 30 years and thousands of Roanoke region patients have children from our practice! Our doctors have the unique designation of Best Doctors in the United States. That makes us Roanoke’s #1 choice for all fertility needs.

We pair personalized care and cutting-edge medical advancements to provide accurate infertility diagnosis. This is the most important – and valuable – step in personalizing our patient’s care plan, so they can give birth to a healthy baby as soon as possible. It minimizes stress and makes the process more affordable.  It is important to know that we offer the lowest prices for fertility care in the region and participate in nearly all insurance plans including Progyny so we can utilize all of your medical benefits.

Check Out Our Exceptional Fertility Treatment & IVF Success Rates

Although many of our patients do not require in vitro fertilization (IVF), IVF success rates are one of the most critical factors to consider when selecting your fertility clinic to understand the quality of care offered and chances for success. This requires special care and consideration because many IVF programs in the country have poor success rates. We are not one of them! We offer world-class fertility care just a short distance from Roanoke and well worth the drive. To see our latest success rates,  please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov/art/artdata/index.html.

Why Choose Us As Your Partner in the Fertility Journey?

We mentioned that success rates relevant to your age and infertility diagnosis are one of the most important – if not the most important – criteria for selecting your fertility center. However, there are other things to consider:

1. Do they insist on a full fertility workup for both partners? Do they spend time at your first visit talking and doing an exam and ultrasound?

It’s essential that fertility centers run complete fertility tests for both partners. Not only does this ensure they have the most recent data, it provides data they can trust. Our infertility evaluations are performed by physicians and embryologists with decades of experience in the fields of endocrinology and reproductive medicine. We consider ourselves pioneers in the fertility treatment arena and keep ourselves on the cutting edge of medical and technological advancement. Our team gets clear results, and that matters when evaluating both female and male infertility factors.

2. We have a personable, caring, and compassionate team

Dr. Goodman, Dr. Smith and Dr. Williams have all been named Top Fertility Doctors in the region. Our staff is compromised of doctors, lab techs, and staff all with big, warm hearts and the ability to listen. Our patient testimonials and reviews are evidence of those attributes.

3. (In)Fertility support that goes beyond the field of medicine

Much of the work we do here is clinical, but much of the work you have to do is emotional and spiritual. Our caring staff will do our best to support you and have resources and referrals for you to provide the support you need as you continue along the fertility treatment path. That may include finding support groups, participating in area events dedicated to raising awareness about infertility, or scheduling an appointment with a licensed counselor who specializes in infertility. Patients in the Roanoke region may want to participate in the Motherhood Collective www.themotherhoodcollective.org  as it is a wonderful resource for women in our region and has many virtual events.

4. We are LGBTQ+ friendly

The team at the Virginia Fertility & IVF were innovative pioneers from the start, and this includes the pioneering of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals and couples in Virginia.

Ultimately, the team here at Virginia Fertility & IVF is here for you from start to finish. If you are coming to us from Roanoke, you’ll be pleased you did! Contact us online, or by phone – 434-220-6620 – to schedule your consultation.

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