Egg Banking

Egg freezing or egg banking, provides women an opportunity to conserve their eggs (oocytes) in order to have children later in life.  We are proud to offer this exciting technology to our patients.

Who should freeze their eggs?

  • Women who aren’t currently in a relationship and wish to defer family building
  • Couples who wish to limit the number of embryos created by assisted reproduction
  • Women facing medical treatment such as cancer therapy that may diminish ovarian function or lead to menopause.  Women with a male partner facing similar treatment can also cryopreserve their fertilized eggs (embryos)

Egg banking requires that a patient undergo ovarian stimulation and a minor surgical procedure to acquire eggs.  The eggs are chilled by ultra-rapid freezing called vitrification. Upon thawing, in vitro fertilization procedures are needed to inseminate the eggs with sperm and to grow embryos.  Either sperm from her partner or from a sperm donor may be used to fertilize the eggs through a technique call ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).  Selected embryos may then be transferred into the patient’s uterus.


Egg freezing costs and loan options

Single egg banking graph
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