Richmond Fertility Center

Richmond, VA’s Trusted Infertility Diagnosis & Treatment Center

The Reproductive Medicine & Surgery Center is Richmond’s most trusted, go-to resource for accurate infertility diagnosis and treatment. Our world-class fertility and IVF center has two locations – Charlottesville and Lynchburg – both of which are just a 70-mile drive from downtown Richmond.

Your road to fertility treatment success is just a short commute away, and we look forward to meeting you.

Why Choose Virginia Fertility & IVF?

Here at Virginia Fertility & IVF, patients benefit from a fertility trifecta:

  1. Caring, compassionate physicians, lab technicians, and staff who make personalized attention the cornerstone of our patient-care plan. In fact, our doctors have been named Best Doctors in the United States, and “Top Fertility Doctors” in the region.
  2. Cutting-edge technology that yields accurate diagnosis of infertility factors, leading to the most timely and least-invasive fertility treatment options.
  3. A wealth of resources designed to ease your fertility journey, ranging from affordable treatments and financing options to emotional and spiritual fertility support.

Patients deserve to have a positive, supportive, and trusting relationship with their fertility specialist, lab technicians, and the rest of the team. If that’s not the case for you at your current clinic, we feel confident that the Virginia Fertility & IVF team will feel like a breath of fresh air.

We are very proud of the positive, 5-star reviews we receive year after year from our patients, who often say things like, “This place is amazing! From the front receptionist to the nurses and doctors, everyone was so kind and welcoming.”  The majority of our patients use us multiple times over to make their family complete.

Our Team Goes the Extra Mile and Supports You in Doing the Same

It’s true that most of our patients get pregnant without IVF, and many experience a shorter period from diagnosis to a successful pregnancy than the national average. That being said, we’re also willing to go the extra mile for our patients, introducing a range of options to increase the chances of fertility success including:

We also work closely with the LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to support their family-building goals.

Trust Fertility Experts Who Work 24/7 On Their Patients’ Behalf

The Lonely Planet travel guide states, “Richmond has woken up from a very long nap – and we like it.” And, while it’s true that the capital of Virginia has its roots deeply embedded in U.S. and southern history, the team here at Virginia Fertility & IVF resonates with Richmond’s new era of vibrant, forward-thinking, and diverse citizens.

Our team is always busy, staying on top of the cutting edge of reproductive medicine and technology. This is what makes us the #1 fertility treatment center in the region.

Contact us online to schedule a consultation, where you’re guaranteed at least an hour of time getting to ask your questions – and have them answered patiently and thoroughly. You can also give us a call, 866-540-5190, to start the conversation.

We’re so excited to walk with you along the road to fertility treatment success.

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