Aetna Institute of Excellence

Aetna institute of excellence

Aetna Institute of Excellence

Virginia Fertility & IVF is both proud and excited to announce our recent Excellence Designation from Aetna Institute. Not only is this a bright and shiny “gold star” for us as a fertility center, but it also means we are moving forward in our efforts to create as many affordable fertility treatment opportunities as possible.

Aetna Excellence Designation Means More Affordable Fertility Treatments

The designation as an Aetna Institute of Excellence is the most distinguished award a preferred specialist in Aetna’s listings can achieve. However, it doesn’t come easily. Our dedicated and hardworking staff has been busy assembling all of the documents, data, evidence, and information required by Aetna for their review.

Inclusion on Aetna’s preferred provider listings is considered a high mark in and of itself. However, healthcare specialists included in Aetna’s Institute of Excellence require meeting and exceeding a strict set of criteria.

Their designation depends on:

  • A high number of completed procedures
  • Effective rates or cost of care
  • Low rates of procedure or treatment complications
  • Low hospital readmission rates
  • Overall success rates of procedures

These designations are designed for healthcare specialists across the board. Fertility specialists are held to exceptional standards and must meet even more stringent criteria than our colleagues in other medical fields.

Aetna’s administrators also perform a more thorough audit and review of our records and statistics before providing final approval and admission into the Aetna Institute of Excellence program. You can Click Here to read the extended list of requirements met by fertility specialists.

Work With the Best of the Best

In the meantime, when you’re searching for the best fertility clinic in Virginia, rest assured this highly-sought after accolade is proof that Virginia Fertility & IVF is a first-choice selection. This special designation proves that we are one of the nation’s most successful and highly-rated fertility centers, not to mention the greater New England region.

Best of all, patients with Aetna insurance coverage benefit from some of the most affordable and low-cost fertility testing and treatment available. Working with a fertility center admitted to the Aetna Institute of Excellence program makes billing and payment as streamlined as it gets. And, we get the opportunity to broaden our patient network. It’s a win-win for us all.

Contact Virginia IVF or Aetna to Learn More

Are you currently enrolled in Aetna’s insurance network or planning to do so in the near future? First, contact Aetna’s Membership Services (or call the number on the back of your Aetna insurance card) and learn more about their coverage for testing and treatment with us. Then, contact Virginia Fertility & IVF to schedule your consultation.

We thank you for choosing Virginia IVF – and Aetna – as your primary fertility treatment providers.

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