Get Involved in National Infertility Awareness Week 2022

national infertility awareness week

Get Involved in National Infertility Awareness Week 2022

With infertility affecting at least 12% of the population, there’s no need to keep it behind closed doors. The annual National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) movement, hosted by RESOLVE, spreads the word about the prevalence of infertility. Their work emphasizes how important it is for communities, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to normalize infertility and fertility treatments.

This year, NIAW takes place from April 24 – to April 30. There are many ways you can get involved, show support, and help to spread the word. The excellent work NIAW has done is why more and more insurance companies are increasing their coverage around fertility treatment plans.

5 Ways to Take Personal Action & Promote National Infertility Week

Here are five simple ways to get involved in the National Infertility Week Awareness action.

1. Use social media to change the story

Are you tired of hearing all of the misinformation about infertility? We sure are. Start sharing Infertility Myth Busters to end infertility misunderstandings once and for all. For example:

  • Myth: Infertility is usually the woman’s issue. (Reality: Infertility factors are equal between men and women)
  • Myth: If you’d just relax and stop worrying, you’d get pregnant. (Reality: Sure, stress isn’t helpful. However, accurate diagnosis and treatment are the only infertility solutions, regardless of how relaxed you are)
  • Myth: You need to try harder. (Reality: Timing intercourse for conception is great if you don’t have infertility factors involved. If you do, you deserve affordable fertility treatment and support).
  • Myth: There’s no need to go to a fertility specialist until you’ve tried to get pregnant for a year. (Reality: You should go to a fertility specialist after 3 to 6 months of trying if you are 36-years old or older, have a history of irregular periods, or have a condition known to cause infertility like endometriosis or PCOS).
  • Myth: Irregular periods are normal; everyone skips once in a while. (Reality: Irregular periods are never normal. Every time you skip a period, you don’t ovulate. Therefore, irregular periods deserve attention and diagnosis/treatment.

The more we work to bust these harmful infertility myths publicly, the closer we are to ensuring individuals and couples seek fertility support sooner rather than later.

2. Share your story

We understand infertility is a personal journey, but we recommend you do so if you are open to sharing your story. First and foremost, it normalizes infertility for those who haven’t experienced it and subscribe to the myths. Secondly, your story impacts others and may help them realize it’s time to seek help and support.

3. Take part in the NIAW 5 Day Challenge

If you feel comfortable (or brave enough!) to share your story, you’re a perfect candidate to participate in the NIAW 5 Day Challenge. There’s something for you to do, share, or honor each day:

  • Day 1: #ThisIsMyStory. Share your truth on your feed, in a Story or a Reel about your personal struggle. Is it facing barriers with accessing treatment, living without children, adoption, surrogacy, and/or 3rd party family building?
  • Day 2: #WeCanAll. Instead of the anecdotes of telling people who face challenges in building a family “You should just,” how are some ways we can all change the status quo?
  • Day 3: #WearOrange. ROCK your Orange to help raise awareness during National Infertility Awareness Week®
  • Day 4: #InfertilityIs. This disease and the barriers that surround it look different for each individual. Share a picture and help spread awareness about what infertility is to YOU.
  • Day 5: #IAmBehindTheSwirl. Are you involved in Support? #IFAdvocacy? Awareness? Show us how you are #BehindTheSwirl

4. Help NIAW Fundraising Efforts

Are you a natural salesperson and fundraiser? This is a great time to shine that light and help raise funds for NIAW. Click Here for ideas, which include hosting an online event, using local restaurants for Dine-n-Donate evenings, getting involved with a Walk of Hope, or joining a Walk of Hope event in your area.

5. Promote NIAW on Social Media

The NIAW team provides all kinds of NIAW banners and logos you can use on social media channels. If you’re not one to share your story publicly, this is a simple way to get people’s attention and encourage them to click through to learn more about infertility.

Virginia Fertility & IVF is a NIAW Champion

The Virginia Fertility & IVF team sees firsthand how the secrecy, embarrassment, and shame around infertility prevents individuals and couples from getting the timely testing, diagnosis, and treatment they need. The more we work together to spread the word and enlist the public’s support, the sooner we’ll live in a world where infertility is a thing of the past. Are you ready to face your infertility issues head-on? Schedule a consultation and forge a new, inspiring path forward.

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