Dr. Goodman on ‘This Is Infertility’ Podcast

Dr. Goodman on ‘This Is Infertility’ Podcast

Our partners at Progyny produce the “This is Infertility” bi-weekly podcast. Most recently Dr. Linnea Goodman was featured.

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Fertility 101 Series

“The Fertility 101 Series, because there’s no shortage of daunting terms to keep your mind running, is a quick and dirty breakdown on a specific topic with insights from a fertility expert. 

In today’s episode, our host speaks with five doctors about how a person can prepare to meet with a fertility doctor. They answer questions ranging from, “What should you bring to the initial evaluation?” to, “What is a transvaginal ultrasound and how do you prepare for that?”  

Let this episode serve as a good starting place to ease any anxiety or questions about the family building journey. “ 

How to Listen

This is Infertility, Episode 150: Fertility 101: Preparing for Your First Fertility Clinic Appointment

You can share it via: Apple PodcastsStitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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