5 Favorite Fertility Blogs to Follow

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5 Favorite Fertility Blogs to Follow

Fertility blogs can be a source of comfort, commiseration, and way to feel more connected to others who are walking – or have walked – along the same infertility path you’re traveling now.

For many women, fertility blogs are their first “support group,” via comment sharing, before venturing out to find an infertility support group in their community.

5 of Our Favorite Fertility Blogs and Why

The following are five of our favorite fertility blogs here at Virginia Fertility & IVF, and insights as to why they were selected.

1. Our Misconception

This blog has been lovingly written and maintained for more than six years now by husband and wife team, Chris and Candace. Both of them write on the posts, which makes this blog doubly potent since most blogs are written solely by the women experiencing infertility, and their partners’ feelings and observations are a lesser part of the story.

While Chris and Candace finally (very recently) became parents, it wasn’t without a tremendous amount of heartbreak and some shifts in perspective and what they were required to “give up” in order to become parents. Specifically, they used a surrogate.

As with all fertility blogs, it’s best to start at the beginning of the story and work your way through to the present.

2. Dreaming of Diapers

Written by a “southern girl now living on the west coast,” whose infertility diagnosis (blocked tubes due to ruptured appendix during childhood, as well as Asherman’s Syndrome), has led to six-full years of procedures and treatments. The Dreaming of Diapers author has just started her 8th round of IVF. As with any fertility blog, it’s heartbreaking at times, but also inspiring to witness the strength, courage, and transparency shared by women who are running through the fertility treatment gauntlet.

3. Eggsperience

The Eggsperience blog is unique because its author, Valerie Landis, decided to pursue fertility preservation by freezing her eggs when she was 33 years old (2015). It was a birthday gift to herself, resulting in the retrieval of 22 eggs. Of those, 17 were successfully vitrified and stored. Since then, she’s added more eggs to her cache and has yet to become a mother.

However, her blog is one of the most comprehensive resources for all things “egg freezing,” and it includes candid, personal stories from other women.

4. Life Without Baby

This one is an entirely different type of fertility blog- one that covers life after infertility – and after the decision to not pursue biological parenting afterall. Life Without Baby is the result of one woman (Lisa Manterfield) who “wrote her way through” five years of infertility diagnosis and fertility treatments. At that point, she and her husband (Mr. Fab), decided to not be parents of biological children.

Lisa wrote an incredible memoir, I’m Taking My Eggs & Going Home, and now maintains Life Without Baby as a regular testament as someone who’s released the identity of “dealing with infertility.”

5. Amateur Nester

This blog is unique because its author, Lisa, writes the blog about her infertility journey, but through the lens of her faith. As a result, the subtitle to the blog is “Christian Encouragement During Infertility.” The blog is comprehensive in its subject matter, and its most recent post answers the question of what to do with unused embryos after your IVF and family building journey is complete. It is inspirational, to say the least.

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